Fight Corruption By Reducing America's Bloated Bureaucracy

We could get rid of the TSA and DHS since they have accomplished nothing but inconvenience travelers, waste tax dollars, destroy constitutional liberty, and add un-needed and unwanted levels of bureaucracy.

We could then bring back the Airport/transit police and train them to do a better job than the TSA did without the incompetence.

Israel is surrounded by threats yet their security is far superior to ours at a mere fraction of the cost and is less invasive to its citizenry. We could additionally merge so many agencies. 

We have the U.S. Marshals Office, DEA, BATFE, FBI, Secret Service, ICE, etcetera that could be merged and get rid of management overhead and high salaries.

For example, place the Coast Guard under the Dept. of the Navy and get rid of that management bureaucracy. There is so much redundant bureaucracy that we could dissolve it and no one would notice and it would save taxpayers untold billions.

We here in the U.S. think we can throw large amounts of hard earned taxpayer dollars and bureaucracy at a problem in order to solve it but that is delusional thinking. Maybe the government could export these ex-federal employees to companies in other countries like India and others have done to us.

The government could recoup some of those wasted taxpayer dollars and improve our infrastructure and quality of life here!

We can also get rid of those crocks of Shit H1 and L1 visa programs and send those people packing. U.S. jobs for U.S. citizens and if you need a trained workforce then lower the high cost of education and have the companies subsidize education like the sports leagues do.

Hell you could have students going to school and have their education paid for by a consortium of corporations and have a draft once they have completed training.

If the NFL can pay for the college education of thousands and then draft them and pay millions it seems to reason that a consortium of companies can pay for the education of millions, draft them, and pay far less, while providing a comfortable income for those new hires.
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