The Fed Has Destroyed Our National Savings

It is impossible to mention the federal government's profligacy without its enabler in debt. Let's connect the immensely powerful, unelected, and unaccountable to any American Federal Reserve and its efforts, to Congress' ability and propensity for deficit spending, and imposing massive taxation. 

Since it was legislated by Congress (illegally and unconstitutionally - big whup), it has caused increasing economic devastation and social upheaval. 

It has destroyed the value of our money, which means it has also destroyed the value of our assets and savings. It has caused massive bubbles to emerge in housing, and other industries.

The Federal Reserve and its policies for a century have induced Americans to become debtor-slaves. Why would any sane person save prodigiously if the money put away inevitably becomes worthless down the road? I do not understand why Americans do not understand this?



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