FBI: Hillary Clinton Can't Seem To Remember Anything

Some FBI questions Hillary answered, "I don't recall" or, "I don't remember"

1). When she received security clearance

2). Being briefed on how to handle classified material

3). How many times she used her authority to designate items classified

4). Any briefing on how to handle very top-secret "Special Access Program" material

5). How to select a target for a drone strike

6). How the data from her mobile devices was destroyed when she switched devices

7). The number of times her staff was given a secure phone

8). Why she didn’t get a secure Blackberry

9). Receiving any emails she thought should not be on the
private system

10). Did not remember giving staff direction to create private email account

11). Getting guidance from state on email policy

12). Who had access to her Blackberry account

13). The process for deleting her emails

14). Ever getting a message that her storage was almost full

15). Anyone besides Huma Abedin being offered an account on the private server

16). Being sent information on state government private emails being hacked

17). Receiving cable on State Dept personnel securing personal email accounts

18). Receiving cable on Bryan Pagliano upgrading her server

19). Using an iPad mini

20). An Oct. 13, 2012, email on Egypt with Clinton pal Sidney Blumenthal

21). Jacob Sullivan using personal email

22). State Department protocol for confirming classified information in media reports

23). Every briefing she received after suffering concussions

24). Being notified of a FOIA request on Dec. 11, 2012

25). Being read out of her clearance

26). Any further access to her private email account from her State Department tenure after switching to her HRCoffice.com account.

And Liberals think Hillary is qualified to be POTUS? SMH
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