Best Comments FAQ

Q: Why should I join Best Comments?
A: People who join Best Comments get access to a variety of premium features website visitors cannot use.  Visit our Benefits page for more info.

Q: How do you decide which articles you aggregate the comments from?
A: Right now, we're only focusing on news articles Drudge Report links to, because that's my interest.  Searching the comments is my hobby.  If enough Comment-Lovers join Best Comments, it will grow.  The people will decide if Best Comments is a good idea

Q: What's your main goal?
A: To build a community of like-minded Comment-Lovers & the Commenters we enjoy reading.  And hopefully Save the Best Comments on-the-Right while we're at it.

Q: Can I suggest a comment I think you'd like? 
A: Yes, visit our Suggestion page. It's easy! Anyone can do it. But only if you're a member.

Q: Can I learn to be a Comment Aggregator?
A: Yes, after you Join, send us Feedback. If you're interested in learning NationBuilder - this is a great opportunity.

Q: How will Commenters benefit?
A: We will be highlighting the best Commenters from across the web in our Commenters Directory. That will help Commenters get maximum exposure within the Best Comments community.  The Commenter Directory is another premium feature reserved only for our members.

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