Facebook's Twisted Values Foreshadow A Bigger Problem

Image depicting killing and beheading cops = Totally within the rules.

Image mocking Hillary Clinton = Banned from site.

I'm so glad Facebook is handing Trump more voters. 

Every time they go out and censor people mocking liberals and highlighting their faults, while simultaneously allowing their protected groups to spew all sorts of vile shit, whether it's BLM celebrating and advocating the murder of cops, Radical Islamic terrorists discussing terrorist plots, or even just your run-of-the-mill rainbow-haired SJW hashtagging KillAllMen...

The Streisand Effect kicks in and more people become aware of the double-standard currently employed by liberals.

And it serves as a foreshadowing: There will be no equality under the law should the liberals remain in power. Protected classes of people will get away with all sorts of crime, while the unprotected class end up serving harsher sentences, all because of the color of your skin.

For all the Liberals who often claim that Trump is a Nazi and akin to Hitler, The candidate who got up on stage and blamed an entire race of people for something was Hillary Clinton, when she claimed that all white people were at fault for the Dallas shooting.

Hitler blamed the Jewish population for the failing state of Germany, and it resulted in his rise to power and the genocide of many Jewish people.

It is outright horrifying to see in the US our left-leaning politicians blaming the White people for the failures of our country, because we've already seen the road that rhetoric goes down.

If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it, and by God, I fear the Left may drag us back to that hell.

My only hope is that the average person recognizes the same thing and votes accordingly this November, and if not. then the time may come when the Second Amendment will be used as the Founding Fathers intended: To push back against Tyranny.
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