Even Liberals Think Hillary Is A Seriously Flawed Candidate

I was and still am a "huge" Bernie Sanders supporter. I really wanted Hillary to pick either Bernie or Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.

I actually thought this was a possibility the way she paraded Mrs. Warren about to get all the sanders supporters to come her way. However, now it's pretty clear that she never had any real intention of doing so.

I felt as though this whole process was rigged from the beginning also but my fears were quieted by of all people Bernie himself who (being the bigger person) called for party unity to defeat Trump.

Therefore, I was going to swallow deeply, hold my breath and vote for Clinton. Now, I'm just fed up and have decided that I don't have to choose between the "lessor of two evils". I think I'm going to vote for Gary Johnson or just stay home.

This is just too much.

The way the democratic party elites have instituted the so-called 'super-delegate' system to really give them power on the voting public is really disgusting and reeks condescension and nepotism.

I thought Obama was very gracious in his dealings with Clinton after beating her by bringing her into his administration but I don't believe that Hillary has it within her to do likewise.

If the democratic party cannot or simply will not acknowledge the liberal base... they should revolt in November and all should go over to Gary Johnson.

He actually served as a governor and I believe he is a better choice than the idiot Trump or Hillary. There is no reason the contest should even be close between the democrats & republicans when one of the candidates is a moron like Trump.

The fact that it is so close is a direct result of the fact that Clinton is such a flawed candidate. It's all so sad because Bernie is a man of real character and he would have made an excellent President.
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