Even Barack Obama Can't Sell Hillary Clinton

Last night I watched Barack Obama's pitch for Clinton start to finish. After so much back and forth over the campaigns I felt it was the responsible thing to do, to give the Clinton camp my attention and listen with an open mind. Obama failed.

Obama failed because he made his point that Hillary will be a great president because he, Obama, is a great president and has fought and worked for the same things that Hillary will fight and work for.

But I had to wonder why these problems remain for Hillary to tackle after 8 years of Obama as president?

Obama failed because he suggested that Clinton has spent a lifetime fighting for the causes she will tackle as president and I had to ask, if Clinton has not fixed these problems in a lifetime of trying how will she fix them in 4 or 8 years as president?

Obama says that more than himself, more than her husband, more than any other candidate for president of the U.S.A. in history Hillary Clinton is better qualified to be president.

Hillary Clinton has never served in the military, never accomplished any far reaching or revolutionary change or accomplishment, never resolved any critical and crucial problem and comes to the office of president shadowed in controversy, mired in suspicion and accused not of daring to do great things and failing, but of having failed to do the most fundamental tasks and meet the most basic duties of the lower offices she has held.

It's too hot for hip boots and besides, America doesn't get paid to wade though bull sh-t like that.
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