EU Elite Are Protecting The Wrong People

The man in the street voted Brexit and one of the reasons was that the elite wasn’t interested in protecting his job or that of his neighbor down the street. 

When Joe sees his friend down the street lose his job to an immigrant or have that job exported to China, he wonders who is going to help him. Is it some member of the elite who is singing the praises of how many workers have been lifted out of poverty in China? 

Isn’t he right to think that his government should put his job before that of some Chinese worker? And why should he vote for some Brussels elite that thinks it is more important to bring in 1 million Syrians when every country in Europe has 10% unemployment with youth unemployment at 50% in Greece and 40% in Italy etc. 

Are these people really right wing extremists or are they just asking their government to show some common sense and put them first. After all, there is not much chance that China is going to put Joe’s job first. 



This comment was left by William Thayer Sr at Financial Times - No commenter link was available for William Thayer Sr. 


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