EU Bureaucrats Want Their Own Army

It's already happening. Former RAF St. Mawgan, just outside Newquay, is home to the French EU army forward operating HQ - how come the UK is "forward"? We are already in military union with France, and Germany is paired with Holland.

This is more government spin and lies; the EU is already in military union, but what they are trying to hide from the public is that they want centralized funding. Once that happens the UK defense industry, and self-defense capability, will be finally obliterated.

Cameron ought to be remembered as the traitor who totally stripped the United Kingdom of it's defenses

- No aircraft carriers: But he bought a carrier-borne jet that is a useless death-trap
- No maritime patrol aircraft
- RN ships with NO missile capabilities
- Giving away our last two carriers and Harriers

Before anyone starts with "it was instigated under Blair", I don't care. Because it was Mr. Piggy who executed the last stages of the Kalergi- Coudenhove EU plan, along with Adolfa Merkel. Cameron, along with May and HMQ are traitors, they have orchestrated and overseen the destruction of Britain and its way of life.
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