Enemies Of Trump Are In A Catch-22


Here’s how I see it. There were illegally obtained intercepts of Trump communications (call them wiretaps, or intercepts, or whatever).

They show Trump did nothing wrong but they can be used to continue to push the narrative ‘Trump was involved with the Russians to hack the election’ and keep the Trump administration mired in a haze of innuendos and suspicion thereby damaging his administration.

But they have a problem.

They can’t reveal their information because people will ask the obvious questions, ‘Who gave you this information? Who obtained it? How was it obtained?’

The Democrats and enemies of Trump are in a bind. If they release what they have they will have to explain who gave them the intel and give a detailed account of how it was obtained.

That’s why you have Comey saying, ‘we have information but I can’t tell you what it is’. If they release the intel their game is up because they will have to reveal the sources and methods.

But having already admitted they have the intel but they aren’t going to release it because the investigation is ongoing only makes things worse for them.

Democrats are screaming to release the evidence and wondering why Comey isn’t
releasing the intel that will take Trump down once and for all.

Which all leads to this:

If they release what they have the ‘Deep State’ players will be exposed.

It's like witnessing a crime while you're committing a crime.

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