Employed Hispanics Elected Donald Trump

The data show the Sanders people showed up and the vast majority of hard left voted Clinton. A handful of ultra hard left voted Stein, bit if one is going to count third parties, like Stein and Johnson, Trump won by even more.

Clinton lost because the Democrats lost CENTER and Independents, including over 50% of employed Hispanics voted GOP. Not 29% of Hispanics, but over 50% of Hispanics who are WORKING voted GOP.

Study after study show the majority of employed legal Hispanics want more control on illegal immigration not less.

Illegal immigrants commit far more crime, including violent crime this affects legal immigrants the most. And illegal immigrants steal jobs from legal immigrants.

The Democrat party has gone too far left. If you are employed and middle class you are a net loser with Obamacare. If you are employed and middle class you are a net loser with the Democrat attitude toward open borders.
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