Electing Donald Trump Will Expose The DC Uni-Party

We'll get nothing with Trump - and that's a good thing. No longer restrained by the need to pretend they are from two different parties, the Establishment pols will unite to obstruct anything Trump tries to do, and Trump will veto anything they do.

Which is just fine, we need a breather from Washington dictating how we live.

Better: emboldened by a Trump victory, which will prove that The People don't have to suck Billionaire Butt, we will vote the incumbents out in the 2018 mid-terms when their obstructionist actions reveal them to be just one party.

Now, people are afraid to vote for a third party because they fear the other side won't join them and their candidates will win the election. Once everyone figures out that there's only one party - The Establishment - they'll no longer be afraid.
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