Mr. Trump Tear Down That Bureaucratic Wall

Yes, by all means, Rick -- let's show a properly deliberative fairness and leniency to this super-sized, self-organized petty tyranny now with tendrils into everything, wasting trainloads of public money and of little service to the People.

Of course we will remember, and properly reflect upon, the important political reality that the bureaucracy is essential to continued misrule by an arrogant professional political class of Democrats AND establishment Republicans.

Why, we wouldn't want to appear to be a howling mob of unthinking radical Trumpists actually correcting a decades-old and worsening problem decisively, would we?

It's all just words, words, words, isn't it, Rick; only power matters -- backed, of course, by misapplied appeals to proper law and principle to maintain "order."

Tell you what; we'll compromise.

We'll just fire them en masse, zero out their agencies, revoke their power to write regulations with the force of law without a vote by the People's representatives, bust their federal union "rights", and review all of their past work for criminal acts, going back to the statute of limitations with vigorously prosecution for any crimes discovered.

But we solemnly promise, Rick, not to offend your "conservative" sensibilities (misrepresented by you as Burkean) by hanging bureaucrats from every lamp post in America.

We also promise to extend the same courtesy to elected Republicans who lied to us about their aims, failed to serve us in the slightest, held us publicly in contempt, and worked very hard indeed to keep their seats as we paid the price.

See? A howling, drunken populist mob CAN be reasonable, proper, and conservatively-nuanced. I Think I'll go put on my George F. Will bow tie, get a tight salon haircut, and quit listening to Rush Limbaugh.
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