Donald Trump's New Working Class GOP

As a Democrat, and even more a Kennedy Democrat, not so much a Bernie Democrat, I feel like Moore is correct: Trump is going to win.

We can harp on Trump's negatives, or Clinton's negatives, but underneath what makes good television for the pundits there's some real math going on here that should scare any Democrat.

Republicans dominated the primaries in states like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, in other words "The Rust Belt".

Many of these states are thought to be locks for Democrats. Even election websites still paint Michigan as a lock blue state despite the fact they had larger participation in the primaries for Republicans. Way more.

Bigly as Trump would say.

Unless Trump magically loses 25% of Republicans to Gary Johnson and thin air (unlikely with the pick of conservative rust belter Mike Pence) it's highly likely he could take all four Rust Belt states flipping Pennsylvania and Michigan in the process.

Clinton won't be able to distance herself from NAFTA and the TPP the way Trump can.

While I expect this to be a generally close race, ultimately Trump has captured a lot of white voters who once were thought to be Democrat faithful and that ultimately means that the Democrats won't be able to overcome these loses on women, blacks and other minorities alone (also expect voter participation in these groups to drop without Obama).

Trump is rebranding the Republicans not so much as an evangelical/conservative party, but as a working class party.
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