Donald Trump Put His Foot In His Mouth - So What

Folks - pay attention here. When John Wayne came in and saved the town from whatever the disaster was, did everyone shame him for using rough language in the doing?

There are wimps, and there are rough men. We have had a politically correct socialist wimp in the White House for nearly 8 years and what is the result? 

- It doesn't matter whether you use the official Federal Treasury Department figures or the "National Debt Clock", the National Debt has nearly doubled, going from 10 to nearly 20 TRILLION dollars under his watch.

- The number of people out of work is at an all-time high. Many more are under-employed. The stock market is at a point where all experts say it is about to implode because it is over-inflated.

- There just isn't enough tangible capital in the corporations of this country to justify the stock market funds put into them.

- Race relations have unravelled, there is rioting in the streets, and frankly - the people of this country are pissed off and looking for a reason, any reason to vent.

We've had enough limp-wristed, politically correct, "don't say the wrong thing" politicians. It is time we get a president that isn't afraid to look you in the eye and say, "Fuck you, you stupid cunt".

- We all knew Trump wasn't politically correct to begin with. Why should this surprise you or scare you.

- This isn't an accident, or a problem. This is exactly what this country needs, and exactly when this country needs it.

And if Trump does "the wrong thing" in your panty-waisted opinion, well then go find your fucking safe zone and piss in your pants, because I'm here to tell you...Sometimes it takes the rough and rude men of this world to do the things that you fairy ass, light-in-the-loafers, fruit puffs are afraid to do.

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