Donald Trump Is Making King-Makers, Pundits and Lobbyists Obsolete

Trump is in the process of throwing bums like Bernstein off of the gravy train, that is why they hate him so much! It may not be recognized yet but Trump has already run up a big win over the establishment elites & their attack dogs like Bernstein.

Trump has done this by producing a successful winning political campaign while bypassing the financial donors & the other political parasites who live off of the system. 

Parasites like the campaign financiers & their henchmen like Bernstein, who operate the political access business in Washington.

These people are the middlemen who buy & sell access to the voting public & thus control elections & the nation's future!

Trump has put together a winning formula for bypassing these political gatekeepers & moneymen! He is reaching the voting public directly, while running a low budget political campaign.

This is a revolutionary political idea making the former kingmakers, pundits & lobbyists obsolete!

In the future, any politician who wants to get elected without being compromised to vested interests has Trump's strategies to follow.
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