Donald Trump Is Leading A Movement

This is a movement SICK of illegal immigration. 
SICK of racial strife promoting by our President. 
SICK of domestic terrorism that Obama refuses to acknowledge. 
SICK of higher bills and taxes like ObamaCare. 
SICK of the loss of the rule of law, where the political elite get a different form of justice. 

SICK that we are losing jobs overseas or across the border.
SICK that our children will have it worse off than us.
SICK of losing our freedoms.
SICK of political correctness.
SICK of a foreign policy built upon apology, appeasement, retreat and surrender.
SICK of an all powerful government run by the elites and wealthy, corrupt, crony capitalists.

We are SICK, SICK, SICK of the outright LIES, DECEPTIONS, MISDIRECTIONS that this ARROGANT administration has pursued since it took office almost eight years ago.

We are S-I-C-K of Hillary and the Establishment she represents. We are ready for a REVOLUTION. A revolution on November 8th at the ballot box that will put WE THE PEOPLE back in charge as the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE says its should be.

TRUMP/PENCE 2016 to end the disease and rot in our land.
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