Trump's An Atlas Who Changes The World When He Shrugs

It’s truly astounding. One man, utterly destroying the comfortable complacency of the mainstream media that has been in place for so many decades.

Fearlessly standing his ground and not beholden to special interests or worried about being socially ostracized. 

‘Howie’ Kurtz and his insider media chums can shake their heads and hold their breaths waiting for their world to return to normal, but the line in the sand has been crossed.

Media are made up of individuals with their own agendas, careers, financial and status objectives. Journalism has become activism and driven by predetermined motives. Trump has exposed this so clearly and definitively. He didn’t have to write a fancy article or debate it with a panel of talking heads.

Unbelievable courage, with so much to lose in terms of his reputation and legacy. But he put everything on the line to fight for his deep held values. After decades of trying to work through the system he became savvy enough to see the corruption and dedicate his best years to a transcendent cause.

He could have just continued to live in luxury and success but has instead shone he can master a new challenge.

An ‘Atlas’ who changes the world when he shrugs.
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