Donald Trump Has Set The Stage - The Big Show Is About To Begin


It's laughable how many people claim Trump has no evidence of his wire tapping claim when for months all of the MSM have said former officials said that information from the investigation of the Trump campaign bla bla bla.

Do you think that information just fell out of the sky? By the way, there is no evidence of any collusion as published in the NYT and many others. This has also been stated on many news networks.

The fact is Obama never thought, what if Trump wins and has my investigative powers? 

There are a few clues to what Trump knows if you pay attention. First, Brennan at the CIA initiated the investigation.

Without notification and highly unusual, Navy Admiral Mike Rogers who is the head of the NSA visited Trump Tower on November 17th, 2016 which outraged Obama. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper recommended to Obama that he be removed.

At this point, then president elect Trump was authorized to receive and possess classified information and had been given regular briefings. Rogers informed Trump that the briefings didn't include information about him or his campaign, among other things, basically coming clean about everything.

Obama, with the help of GHCQ had spied on the Trump campaign and later we found out that McCain, who went to get the so-called dossier on Trump, was involved.

Obama also changed the rules as to who could access raw data collected by the NSA/FBI which is every call, text and email in the US. This was to make it more difficult to track down leaks. Lynch at DOJ was given classified information from the FBI which was leaked, most likely by her and some other conspirators. That is easy to prove as all reporting on the investigation is attributed to "former officials", obviously those who left on January 20th.

At the very least we have Obama, Clapper and Lynch, the latter two signed off on the rule change to facilitate the spreading of information to those who should not and would not have previously had access to it. But there are a lot more democrats tangled up in this conspiracy to overthrow the president and that is what they will be charged with among other things.

The BBC and Louise Mensch, a former British MP, both published inside information about the investigation and FISA warrant. Their connection to receive the information is affiliated with GHCQ.

Trump knew before the Rogers visit because Netanyahu/Israel's MOSSAD knew of the Obama administration's investigation. This is why Trump arranged a meeting with Rogers. Trump has been gathering evidence and giving them time to leak more to make sure none of them escape the fun that is about to start.

What set him off was not a right wing website, but what his investigation revealed which we do not know the details of yet. Those websites only quoted many of the MSM sites and networks, not what Trump's own investigation revealed to him. Reading it himself ticked him off you might say which is what he was doing at 5:45AM, the time of the first tweet.

This will all come out soon, much sooner than you think. Members of the intelligence committee have asked intelligence officials to make a public statement, but Trump has held them back for a short time.

Also, Priebus wasn't trying to coerce the DOJ to state anything other than what they had told him, which is that there is no evidence of any collusion. If there was, we'd have seen it, but the leakers have not leaked that because they do not have any.

Maxine Watters also slipped up the other day and said the Obama administration did all they could do in making sure these meetings and other things got out there, so she's in on it and knows who the leakers are! I think that was an MSNBC interview.

The intelligence committee has scheduled a public hearing for March 20th and "invited" anyone with information to come tell them, this is their chance to come clean. The democrats are planning to have their hand chosen people testify that Russia hacked the DNC, Trump knows better. He wants everything on official record.

I would not be surprised if Trump then walks right in and slaps it all on the table and says, now what? You know how he likes a big show and a big show it will be!

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