Donald Trump Condemns Those Who Endanger Americans

People say Trump "said racist things," "disparaged various racial and ethnic groups," blah, blah, blah. I am Jewish, born in New York City raised in New York and certainly also have relatives who died in the Shoah.

I've listened to many speeches by Donald Trump and he has never disparaged ethnic groups or religious groups, but what he HAS done is condemn radical Islamic terrorists who are the most anti-Semitic group in this world! I wonder why his critics don't mention that.

My people have suffered rapes, tortures, murders by these groups of radical (not moderate or peace-loving Muslims) Muslims who seek to kill us and any "infidel" who is not of their brand/sect of radical Islam (including other Muslims).

He has not condemned any racial groups or religious groups ever, just people who are trying to kill Americans or commit murders, bombings and violence.

If you're thinking of his "Mexican rapists coming to this country" quote, there actually are a small segment of Mexicans coming in illegally who are murderers and rapists, robbers, etc. That is well-documented by the federal government actually. Some of them have been deported six or more times!

I prefer legal immigration to this country or any country, and guess what? Every other country in the world enforces its borders and requires immigrants to come in legally. Of course, the very recent invasion of Europe by refugees of the wars in the Middle East and destabilization caused by the Arab Spring (encouraged by Hillary and Obama) by mostly young men (Muslims) who almost every day pour in in even larger numbers. Europe is being destabilized and there are almost daily reports of crimes committed by some of these illegal immigrants into Europe (same as in the USA). Gangs commit crimes.

Law-abiding immigrants who seek to become American citizens have always been welcome and are welcome to come in legally and assimilate and respect our laws. Radical Muslims or gangs of any nationality or ethnic/racial group do not respect our laws. Trump has condemned those who endanger the people. That is not being racist! It is using the common sense that Obama/Hillary have never done (they seek illegals to come in to grant them amnesty and get Dem Party in power forever ... obviously their plan, and several Dems have proposed amnesty).

In any case, there is real racism, real anti-Semitism and my family was touched by it and all Jews have been touched by it. We know what it is. Smearing Trump is not going to change the reality of anti-Semitism in the radical Muslim community who detest Jews, Christians, and for that matter, all Westerners who are not Muslims of the same sect.

I applaud Trump's honesty and willingness to push back against the politically-correct insanity that allows our nation to take in "refugees" who cannot be vetted (our own federal govt states we cannot accurately tell who will be ISIS or radical, or law-abiding). There is a time for protecting our own people and the time is before the Jews/Christians and others are put into ghettoes again and shot or incinerated.

Trump is working to stop the killings and attacks before they occur. That actually is the Constitutional duty of the President (but O doesn't care to protect our nation and is bringing in some, even a small percent of Muslims, who will attack us ... just as is happening in Minnesota and other places with large numbers taken in).

We need to protect our children's lives and their future lives by using common sense.
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