Does Drug Cartel Cash Buy Sanctuary City Support From Democrats?


Why are the leaders of our urban centers declaring their communities Sanctuary Cities? They're openly defying federal law and assisting criminals, all to the detriment of the law-abiding citizens who fund them.  

Blogger Wrabble thinks the answer is that Democrats are in league with the Drug Cartels.

It's an explosive idea, sure, but it would certainly explain some of the Progressive immigration lunacy we've been witnessing the last few years.

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Wrabble's comment:
Mexican drug cartels are funneling huge amounts of money to Democrat politicians. Drug lords appreciate the Dem position on sanctuary, deportation, amnesty, etc.. They are also funding and orchestrating "immigrants' rights" groups.

It's a lot easier for the cartels to do business if their mules, dealers, money launderers, etc., can hide "in plain sight" inside the USA, with extensive support networks consisting of other illegals as well as legal residents and citizens.

It's also very easy for the cartels to launder campaign contributions through US citizens who have ties to family back in Mexico.

When a cartel orders a US citizen (whose family lives in say Nuevo Laredo) to launder a $100,000 contribution to a Democrat politician or to an activist group for illegals, the citizen has no choice but to comply.

The FEC contribution limits are EASILY evaded.

Per election per candidate: $2,600.
Per party per calendar year: $32,400.
Per state, district, and local party committee per calendar year: $10,000.
Other political committee: $5,000.

The potential donors in a family might include, for example:

Husband + wife. That's 2 to start.
Grandparents: +4.
Adult brothers/sisters: +6.
Aunts/uncles: +6.
Cousins: +8.
Total: 26

If each member of that family contributes to five politicians, the DNC, three state/local/district committees, and four other committees, then that is:

$2,500,000 per family from the cartels to the Democrats.

Yep, that is EXACTLY how the cartels are buying the Democrats! Do the math...

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