DNC Chair Resigns On Eve Of Democrat Convention

This is the new narrative. OH WE WANTED DEBBIE OUT MONTHS AGO.

50 years from now professors will be talking about what is what is in this article as the best example in History of throwing someone (Ms.Wasserman) under a bus. There are about ten examples of the narrative "I/We/Hillary/Obama wanted Ms. Wasserman out months ago"

This one is my favorite. Completely releases Hillary of any responsibility. Like Hillary had to endure Ms. Wasserman (who had her thumb on Clintons delegate count scale the whole time)

"Obama left the problem for Hillary,” one former West Wing adviser told POLITICO.

The only justified person throwing Ms. Wasserman under the bus is Bernie so I won't site him here.

It's like a line at a buffet. All senior Democrats washing their hands of Ms. Wasserman. Don't pile on and you could go under the bus also. How convenient all these stories come out now. This is the narrative of the year.
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