Diversity Is A Code Word For Cheap Labor

Yes, they are fleecing the nation. In 1950, the CEO to average worker yearly income was 20:1, today it's 300+: 1. We have American royalty. People can very easily lose a sense of patriotic duty when a luxurious, secluded, retreat is just a snap of the fingers away.

Some of this began in WWI when Ivy League graduates stayed away from the horrors of that war. One can not gallop away from nerve gas, tanks, planes, and machine guns. In the meantime, people are working 3 jobs, not having kids, driving a rust bucket of a car, just to make their Obamacare payments.

Go to any major city. Do the construction workers and waiters speak good English or Spanish? Are Whites being assaulted, taxed, and pushed out to the suburbs? America is in the process of being dissolved. American royalty could care less. This has been going on in overdrive since the 60s.

What is this nation going to look like 50 years from now? Would you want your grandchildren to navigate those treacherous waters? It's Western nations' eyes wide shut approach to altruism and dirt cheap labor that's doing us in. Western ethics and Christian values are mocked to allow the easy accommodation of 3rd worlders.

The current load of crap about diversity being a strength and how the world is just getting less White is tailored towards the 85 point IQ crowd. Whites passively ignore the tripe. The less intelligent don't. They easily and quickly grasp the opportunity served up to them. This is where we get sanctuary cities, porous borders , and a global "immigration crisis" . Who benefits? The rich, bought off politicians, and the aliens.

The Chamber of Commerce could literally not be happier. la raza is loving it. Both organizations headquarters are a very short walk from the WH's front door. The host nation suffers. If they complain, they're labeled as racist and achieve instant pariah status. Diversity is a code word for cheap labor.

"The weaker are always asking for equality and justice, but the stronger care for none of these things."

- Aristotle, Politics



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