Did Obama Have A Secret Deal To Help ISIS Fighters Escape Mosul Seige

Troubling reports are coming out of Russian Military leadership. Amid escalating rhetoric between Russia and the US over events in Syria, the Russians are claiming the US and Saudi Arabia have struck a secret deal that will allow 9,000 ISIS killers to escape the siege of Mosul.

According to the Russians, Obama has struck a deal with ISIS where they will leave Iraq and move in to Syria and fight against Assad. Think about that.

Considering recent events, I don't know who to believe. Our government has lied to us repeatedly. What's true any more? Did Obama REALLY create an alliance with ISIS? If he did, it would undoubtedly include arming them.

We are at war with ISIS. Arming your enemy is Treason. If the Russians are lying, what's new? If Obama's actually doing this...we've got much bigger problems than anyone is reporting.
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Read the article https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1968311/america-plotting-to-allow-9000-isis-fighters-to-escape-terror-capital-mosul-so-they-can-attack-russian-troops-moscow-outrageously-claims/

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