DickiLeaks Scandal Fueling Unstoppable Trump Train

As uncovered by WikiLeaks, the polls were all rigged using several biases to show Clinton being far ahead : Democrat voters weighted +15, minorities +20 and so on. Podesta listed a whole slew that could be tampered with from poll to poll to make them seem realistic.

These then were touted by the complicit media that "Hillary has 87% chance of winning" .. "Hillary keeps surging ahead of Trump" bombastic headlines without a basis in reality.

Now that the real numbers being seen on the inside are quite the opposite to what they have been showing publicly for months, panic has set in amongst the pollsters and the MSM and there is a frenzied rush to find some excuse, any excuse for how Hillary's 10 to 20 point lead (depending on which polls you look at) has disappeared over 3 days.

While the Dickileaks scandal will have an effect on the coming days, the massive Trump surge (or as I call it the re-aligning of poll numbers to reality) of the last week was based on something totally different.

What is certain is that Trump has momentum which will peak at just the right time on November 8. No matter what dirty tricks Hillary employs from here on, the Trump train is unstoppable.
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