Democrats Want No Child Left Behind - Except The Black Ones

I personally believe the breakup of families started first (see below), which then bred (so to speak) crime and joblessness. However, to address your point, who/what is going to enforce the "should have sustainable families of 1-3 kids" without it being dictatorial?

If you like the idea of being dictatorial, you could look to China, which seems to be doing a good job of keeping their people in line with one child -- preferably male -- per family. I digress.

Granted, abortion is a symptom, but just how do you turn around communities that have directly and steadily deteriorated since Johnson's "Great Society" was enacted?

Now, instead of two-parent, educated and working families, we have a matriarchal system ensnared by and rewarded for welfare dependency and black youths who have never known a stable father figure.

The Democrat party has been running the show in black communities for decades, which suggests that they profit from being modern-day slave owners and running blighted city plantations. Thus, Dr. Carson is attacked for being an "Uncle Tom" for presenting an alternative of self-reliance and personal responsibility. Enough said. 



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