Democrats Used To Love Donald Trump - Now They Tell Us He's Evil

What I find most amusing is that just a year ago, Donald Trump was a highly respected businessman, one of NY's finest, one of the worlds finest.

He was a frequent, repeat and valued guest on every talk and news show known to man over the past 30 years. People were astonished by him, his success, his brilliance, his generosity, his colorful personality.

He was so respected and so colorful, he was asked to host "The Apprentice" on NBC, a show that eventually went on to have a very successful 10 year run.

Fast forward a year, he's now the Republican candidate for President, and suddenly these same exact people in the media who once respected him and valued him and interviewed him, and rubbed shoulders with him are now pushing and perpetuating a political campaigns narrative that he, Donald Trump, is suddenly a racist, xenophobic, anti semitic, anti immigrant, misogynistic, anti women, bullying, greedy, money grubbing spawn of Satan! HAHA! Can't make that up!

For the record, I'm a "Bernie or Bust" person and even I find it hilarious that some people are so ignorant and, frankly, so utterly stupid, that they actually believe it. They actually believe it!!
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