Democrats Silence Dissent By Calling It Hate Speech

Dems also try to control free speech by use of "hate crime" laws, which is nothing more than an excuse to silence people they disagree with.

For example Obama said about 2 months ago in a speech in Pittsburgh that it's too easy to find "fake" news on the internet and we (the government) need a way to "filter" out that "fake" news - so basically he was calling for a government agency that would first "approve" what you read to make sure it's not "fake".

Hey Obama, other countries do that as well, one that comes to mind is China. That's what the modern Left is about, how long until they try to ban anyone that speaks out against global warming and brand any non-PC opinion as "fake" news and try to silence them?

I don't hear about the Right calling for the Left to be censored, in fact you generally hear people on the Right say here's the left's point of view, go read it so you know it, then we'll defeat them in the arena of free speech and free thought.

_The Left has no desire to have type of equal relationship, their number one goal is to silence all their opponents_ with claims for "hate" speech or "fake" news and they rarely, if ever, actually bother to have any type of conversation based on ideas - it's all fear mongering and name calling.
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