Democrats Progressive Ideology Has Communist Roots

The Democratic Party's ideology is based on the "Institute for Social Research" aka "The Frankfurt School" which fled Germany when Hitler came to power and was taken in by Columbia University.

The Frankfurt School was comprised of Jewish Communists, and it is their "Critical Theory" that seeks to destroy the United States from within by criticizing everything.

That is how the Democratic Party became the Global Socialism Party, it was taken over by CPUSA or Communist Party USA.

That is why the Democratic Party is so hostile to to American sovereignty, to the institution of the Family, and to Judeo/Christianity.

It seeks to destroy the institutions of the United States from within to establish Global Socialism.

The reason that Islam is the de facto Official Religion of the Democratic Party is that nothing destroys other religions like Islam, and that Islam is hugely hostile to our Constitution and all of Western Civilization in general, as is Marxism.
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