Democrats Have Perfected The Art Of Sabotaging America's Foundational Roots

Honesty, Integrity, Honor, and Personal Responsibility and faith in God Almighty is what made this country great..Our declaration of Independence and Our Constitution and Our form of Government was based upon these principals!

What made us truly different than the monarchy's and Tyrant countries that many fled and escaped from was, we were NOT ruled by a king, dictator, we we ruled by LAW[s].

Were were unique in that all people rich, poor, strong weak, Powerful or common were ALL----"Equal Under the Law".

We have slowly slipped away from those Great Foundational Truths! Obama , and the Democrat party has made it an "Art form" to destroy those Truths and Principals!

John Comey FBI Director and Loretta Lynch have just demonstrated my point! They just did a terrorist attack and blew up our Constitution and form of Government!

They like the Clinton's, Obamas, and the Democrat Party with help from the Republican party are guilty of High Treason against our country!!!!

With their actions they demonstrate they hold no value in the Law or Equal Justice. They are unfit to hold office and unfit to be Americans!!!

Tomorrow we will hear Comey's lame and pathetic explanation that will be a disfigured parsed, lawyerly explanation why he choose to ignore violations of the law and why he did NOT pursue/recommend prosecution of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Everything this administration does has ruined, marred and had destroyed the very thing that made us different than any other nation. Truth, Rule of Law, Equal Justice and Honor!!!

Mr. Comey and Obama you have NO HONOR!!!! And deserve NONE!!!
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