Democrats Had It All In 2016 And They Still Lost

They fundamentally do not understand why they lost. They were promised this election. They had all of the money, the ground game, the backing of the rich and powerful.

The media was in the tank to the point that they were coaching her for town halls and debates. And yet she LOST.

So keeping with the the last eight years where anyone that disagreed with this administration and their policies is an IST or a PHOBE, Palmieri continues with the same tired spewing.

YOU LOST because your policies didn't work. Our economy was limp. Your attitudes SUCK. You demonized good hard working people who didn't want what you're selling because they didn't work. Bonus points that Hillary was a criminal and not likable.

You lost. Suck it up and learn from it. Or be doomed to lose again. I have no idea if Trump can get this sinking ship together, or if we're still doomed to being deadlocked, but I do know that when you're losing, you don't double down on that failure.
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