Democrats For Donald Trump

I am not a fan of Donald Trump but after watching the DNC convention last week I can now say with complete accuracy that Hillary is finished.

I want to thank the DNC for showing me over the last 8 years what a bunch of corrupt liars & political prostitutes they are. The last straw for me was the DNC stealing the nomination from Bernie & handing it over to that career criminal & pathological liar Hillary.

I never thought I would ever say this, but as a new independent I see no other choice but to vote for the only person left in this race that I know can turn this country around - Donald J Trump.

And here's the thing Politico-ites. As a former Democrat that comes from a 'nothing but Democrat' family, that lives in a 'nothing but Democrat' area, that works in a 'nothing but Democrat' job, that is located in a 'nothing but Democrat' city, in a 'nothing but Democrat' state - I can't find anyone that says they are voting for that career criminal & pathological liar Hillary.

It's as if the Matrix was shut down and everyone now knows the truth and sees the naked career criminal & pathological liar Hillary for what she really is - A CAREER CRIMINAL & PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

DNC & Democrats, for your sake you better hope that your buddy George Soros has enough vote changing machines this year to swing the election for that career criminal & pathological liar Hillary if you really want her to win.

Otherwise Hillary is going to get the beating of her life.
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