Democrats Defend Corporate Welfare For Planned Parenthood

follow the money

I used to think the problem with PP was the abortion. It isn't. There are 12 major abortion providers in the country. PP handles approximately 50% of the entire industry.

All of the other providers have reasonably spotless health records, except for PP. Notice no one talks about them.

PP has posted billion dollar profits since 2007, yet still receives 300 million in subsidies from the govt. Stopping this funding has turned into a third rail of sorts, despite the Left's disdain for "corporate welfare".

And, by the law, PP cannot use any of that money for abortions - yet we know that they really don't provide any other services...they don't even own a mammography machine, and all of their other "services" are simply referrals to outside doctors.

Add it all up, and it becomes obvious: this is about the money. PP is a hub of leftwing financing. They send checks to thousands of other leftwing groups, and provide material assistance, logistical support, and bodies at rallies.

This is the real reason the Democratic Party protects PP: it's a huge chunk of their cashflow and their astroturf.

It's beyond time we shut it off.

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