Democrats Crush The Constitution Every Chance They Get

Problem is not only will Billary and the insidious Progressive Democrats go after basic gun rights over time, her justice department will likely prosecute anyone who shoots a terrorist in the act of committing terrorism.

This is how evil leftists do things. In the UK, if you are lucky enough to have a gun, you better think twice before even shooting anyone who has broken in to your house while you and your family are there.

If you happen to mention to a neighbor that the next time you catch a criminal inside your house you will shoot will be charged with pre-meditated murder.

What Leftists do (Progressive Democrats in America), is they will say, "fine, have your gun but we will make ammunition hard to obtain, make practice shooting as arduous as possible, and if you shoot someone, even to save your life, you will be in trouble.

The Democrats will crush the constitution at every chance. Not only the second amendment, but the first and fourth as well. They are already doing that by searching your computer and phone without your knowledge and stifling free speech by calling it "hate speech" if they don't like the sound of it.

Soon enough, criticizing the government or a politician will be hate speech just like Russia, China...and now, again, Vietnam.
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