Democrats Confess: We've Been Rigging Elections For 50 Years

Scott Foval, Cesar Vargas, Bob Cramer, People for the American Way, Dream American Action Coalition, Americans United for Change, the DNC and anyone else involved need to indicted and convicted.

They also need to take away their non-profit 501 3C status and never be able to run or work for a political non-profit. Cesar Vargas is an illegal alien and needs to be deported and banned from ever becoming an American citizen.

Scott Foval said they've been rigging elections for 50 years, busing people to voting places in multiple states and they're not going to stop, if caught, they'll just find a different way, i.e. creating shell companies, renting cars and having individuals drive themselves to voting places.

Obama and his corrupt Democrat party have said Republicans are stupid to spread rumors that the elections are rigged and there is no fraudulent voting.

We, as citizens, must demand we have voter identification to be able to vote if we are to have an honest election. That is even doubtful as many states have issued drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

It's time to take our country back.
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