Democrats Are Trying To Spin It But The 2016 Election Wasn't Even Close

Sorry EJ, you and other Hillary supporters that are obviously still smarting from the election can't just focus on the popular vote and three slim wins for Trump.

Clinton won the popular vote only because of her overwhelming support in California. California, that land who offers safe sanctuary to murderous illegal immigrants and wants to use taxpayer (i.e. liberal Democrat voters, ha-ha) money to give legal counsel to illegal immigrants to help them stay!

The irony and hypocrisy is delicious. 

So yeah. Toss out California and her popular vote "win" goes right out the window. Then, you can't say the election swung on three states. Not when the three states in question were supposed to be EASY Clintonian conquests.

But, she was too arrogant and lazy to campaign there, where Trump was the opposite. Not to mention she was handily beaten in Ohio, Florida, and NC, all states she either should have won or could have gone either way but none went to her.

Not to mention, some states she should have won easily, she barely scraped by. Virginia, Colorado, Minnesota, NH for example. The media is focusing on Trump "escaping" with these close, tight races in PA, Michigan, etc. but just in case you liberals forgot, Trump had 306 electoral votes!

It's not like this election was 8 electoral votes apart. It was a blowout pure and simple, and when you factor in the massacres in the House and Senate also, this thing was far from the uber-tight race you libs keep squawking about.

Then for icing on the cake, your arrogant, insulting candidate didn't even show election night, was in a meltdown rage apparently. Your supporters rioted in the streets and went insane on twitter, etc. Your lame duck President continues to either do nothing or glorify dictators.

You are now whining about recounts and you elected Pelosi again...tell me why anyone would look to Democrats for leadership?
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