Democrat Policies Fuel Black Society's Hopelessness

I am a White and I sure ain't a liberal, but I still need to be fair. The Black culture is no more violent than the White culture.

It is the MASS MEDIA which has given the world the impression that the Black culture is violent

Sure, there are lots of Black on Black violence - but there is plenty of White on White violence too. The Mass Media chooses to not report the White on White violence because IT DOESN'T SELL.

What differentiates the Black culture from that of the White, is the sense of HELPLESSNESS, HOPELESSNESS, and that of DESPERATION.

Incidentally, the HELPLESSNESS, HOPELESSNESS, and the DESPERATION are the results of the Democratic party's decades long manipulation of the Black society in America.

Thanks to the Democratic party, the Black society has become a DYSFUNCTIONAL SOCIETY, one in which broken families have become the new norm, and that cynicism has taken over and overwhelms the overall good of the people.

The Blacks are taught that they are weak, useless, low class, stupid, ever since they were little children, by none other than the Democrats. It is the Democratic party which has purposely made the Blacks feeling so vulnerable that they need to become dependent on the Dems just to survive.

Blacks are just like us. They have the good, the bad, the ugly. They have the hardworking, the lazy, and the totally useless. They also have the wise, the average and the utterly stupid, just like we have in our White society.

It is just that the Blacks in America lack the SELF-CONFIDENCE to strike it out on their own. They have been told that THEY CAN'T MAKE IT - that is why even those Blacks who have made it - look at Oprah Winfrey - still harbor that thought of "I ain't as good as the White" inside.

Look at how Beyonce has spoken out against the Cops. Beyonce has already made it, several times over. Why then she needs to strike her diatribe against the Police? The reason is, Beyonce is just too unsure of herself. She is vulnerable. She feels vulnerable. She feels that she has to BLAME the cops for her own vulnerability

Now that you know how the Blacks are stricken with FEAR and SELF DOUBT, I hope you can look at them with a renewed understanding. It is not easy to lead someone who has self-doubt to not doubting themselves, that is why we need to give them some space to heal.

They do need to do the healing their own way --- we can't help them, because we are not them, the more we interfere in their healing process the more of a mess we are going to create.

Give the Blacks some space, let them start their healing. Let them regain their self-confidence and to understand that they do not need the Democratic party to rejoin the Human Race.
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