Democrat Policies Created Dysfunctional Inner-City Ghetto Culture

The majority of black Americans are living perfectly fine lives, mixed in amongst the rest of Americans.

There is a stubborn component of black America that has remained behind in the ghetto after integration and that is where the problem lies, with a subculture, a negative subculture that has much less to do with the legacy of slavery or racism but with a poverty of the soul.

Since integration, virtually every black person who could afford to leave the ghetto for a better neighborhood in the city or for the suburbs has left.

The people who have been left behind, who grow up in these awful neighborhoods are not victims of slavery or racism, but of a dysfunctional inner city ghetto culture, one that has been aided and abetted by the policies of the left which encourage intergenerational dependency on government programs, rather than independence, self-reliance and responsibility. Being largely and aimless leads to a soullessness that can ruin the best of people.

It doesn't matter what race or ethnic background you come from if you have children out of wedlock, before you can afford to pay and care for them properly, if you raise them as a single mother, without a father in the house, if you look upon education as a sentence rather than an opportunity, if you fail to complete high school, if you fail to prepare yourself for gainful employment, you will be starting off your offspring with two strikes against them.

This type of ghetto culture or mindset was not unknown before the 1960s and the advent of the beneficent government that replaced fathers with a check, but it was rare. The ghetto lifestyle of government subsidized housing, government checks and government cheese enabled this ghetto subculture to grow and metastasize until it consumed the lives of millions.

And today, the areas, the cities, the cities, that are most dysfunctional are often represented by black Democrats and in many cases have been for decades, without a white racist Republican anywhere in sight.

Thousands of young black men who don't work, many of whom have never worked, with plenty of time on their hands, is a recipe for disaster and this is proved every night in the ghetto. It is not racism that causes young black men to kill 7,000 other young black men each year.

It is a dysfunctional society in these neighborhoods, all of which has been encouraged by Democratic Party politicians who have pushed virtually any gainful employment out of the inner cities and who are more than willing to trade welfare checks and subsidized housing and endless "free" programs for votes.

Since President Johnson declared "War on Poverty" when I was a lad in the 1960s, trillions of dollars have been spent on anti-poverty programs and guess what, poverty won!

Why, because all state spending does is to subsidize poor values and encourage promiscuity and out of wedlock birth, which is probably the single driving factor in this entire mess.

I was fortunate to know a number of Holocaust survivors as a young man, both Jews and political prisoners. None of us today will know the horrors that they experienced. Persecution, brutal persecution, not prejudice, segregated, beaten, then sent to unspeakable camps where many were gassed to death, while others were worked to death on starvation rations designed to allow them to last a number of months. They saw everyone around them wither and die.

Virtually no one today in the west will know this type of persecution, but by the tens of thousands, these survivors immigrated to the United States and started over and became productive citizens.

When you have the will to live, to achieve, to overcome, to make a better life for yourself and your progeny, you can. While all of these people I knew were shaped by their experiences, haunted by them even, they never stopped working to better themselves, never slackened their pace, attributing it to the tremendous historic prejudice and persecution many of them had faced for hundreds of years.

Blaming this on someone's skin color, or on racism, or on the legacy of slavery is a slur on millions of responsible and gainfully employed black Americans who somehow have avoided slavery's lasting lash.

It's an insult to incredible self-made people like Frederick Douglas, a slave who taught himself to read, then to reason, then to speak, to debate, to lecture, to the point where he became a sparring partner and an influence on Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator.

Dysfunction is a self-imposed slavery, one that is learned, not imposed. It is a blood libel, a noxious, evil insult on the tens of millions of black Americans who live good, wholesome lives among the rest of us to look at the ghettos and blame the past, not the culture and those who enable it.
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