Democrat Donors Want Answers After Epic Election Loss

If Democratic donors want "answers" the last one in the world to ask is Hillary Clinton and her closest advisors. Hillary is in major denial about why she lost. There are huge mistakes her campaign made, yes, including not spending enough time on the ground in key swing states, including Michigan.

But as David Plouf (Obama's 2008 campaign chair) astutely noted, the voters wanted real change, and the only change candidate was Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was perceived as a particularly corrupt example of the Washington DC status quo.

By eagerly casting herself as a third term for Obama she only made that perception worse.

It is simply common sense that blacks would not turn out for her in the same numbers as they did for the fist black president just because Obama asked them to. She put all of her eggs in one basket, and she blew off (and insulted) the very white, working-class voters she courted in 2008.

And that hypocrisy and insincerity was not lost on them either. Not sincere or authentic. Represented four more years of the same policies, not change.

And $250M by selling political access, mostly while HRC was in public office, was just plain greedy as well as crooked.

The average voter has not seen $80,000 in a year, let alone over $1,000 a day paid under the table to the Clinton's by large Clinton Foundation donors while Hillary was Secretary of State -- for the sole reason that Hilary was Sec. of State.

Oh, that is not the reason for the money? Tell me, how are the Clinton Foundation gifts doing now that she is no longer "in play"? Not too good?

I rest my case.
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