Deep State Scheme To Wiretap Trump Coming Unraveled


So now we know what Bill and Lynch were talking about on the tarmac. Shortly after this meeting the first FISA request, in June, to spy on Trump was denied.

In October the 2nd request was approved, which narrowed it to 2 Russian Banks and Trump Tower, which gets Comey and O involved.

Hillary puts out a tweet on Oct 31 about scientists discovering hacking by the Russians on a server in Trump Tower. How did she know that so soon after the FISA request? 

NOW with Wikileaks we learned today, the CIA has the ability to put malware on a server to make it "look" like it was hacked by the Russians -- when in fact it was the work of the CIA.

We also now know that Flynn was wiretapped. His conversation with the Russian Ambassador was illegally sent to the Press which is a Felony. He was in TRUMP TOWER during this conversation.

Sessions was 'set up' with the State Dept. setting up the Conference at the GOP Convention and having him speak in front of several Ambassadors, including the Russian Ambassador, where they thanked him afterwards. That was the extent of his Russian meeting.

But the State Dept. setting this up at the GOP convention, to create the "perception". Apparently he has been wiretapped for months as he was Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee (now McCain is). 

Many need to be in front of a Judge and in jail over this. Our elections are at stake when the party in power can spy on a presidential candidate of the opposite Party and create a false flag to bring him down. All this Russian rhetoric was to bring Trump down ASAP after the election thru Impeachment.

Many are going to go down. Hopefully once and for all. Cause this is GOOD VS EVIL. And GOOD ALWAYS WINS OVER EVIL.

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