Deconstructing Myths About Donald Trump

First: You have yet to provide any actual, verifiable, factual evidence to back up any of your claims. At this point you are only making sweeping generalizations about the kind of people who you think are voting for Trump. You aren't making any factual statements about Trump or his campaign platform.

1). "and when he is elected he will push for christians to dominate our government."

Trump has been outright asked what his religious beliefs are, by members of the press. He has answered those questions when asked. He has not made his religion a focal point of his campaign.

This is the part I want actual evidence for. Don't make claims if you aren't willing to find the information to back them up.

2). "many Americans see no difference between brown people and terrorists, so his statements to ban Muslims are incorrect racism since Islam is a religion rather than an ethnicity."

This makes absolute no sense.

First: your statement appears to be about "many Americans" and is therefore trying to infer meaning behind his campaign points based on what you believe are opinions held by "many Americans" interested in voting for him. I'll clue you in on an important and very objective fact: what Person A believes to be the opinion or belief held by Person B doesn't actually impact Person B's opinions or beliefs.

Trump's statements are explicitly with regards to protecting American citizens from the very real threats coming from mass immigration of Syrian "refugees", who are by and large Muslim. Those who are not Muslim still come from a country with a culture of horrific violence against women and oppression of many kinds.

That some people conflate Islam with an ethnicity (which is a fallacy) has no bearing on Trump's desire to take real, proactive measures to protect American citizens from the violence and oppression to be found in the mass immigration of Syrians.

His statements to impose a temporary moratorium on the immigration of citizens from countries with cultures hostile to the Western way-of-life are not incorrect racism. Individual American citizens who view them as a sentiment against a specific ethnicity or race are falling for the fallacy that Arab and Muslim are one and the same.

3). "About the Supreme Court: Since Trump's policies are populist and very clearly calculated to appeal to straight white Christians".

Can you please provide some kind factual evidence supporting your claim that Trump's policies are "clearly calculated to appeal to straight white Christians"?

None of his policies are racist (as already established above), nor are they sexist - on both race and gender Trump has championed equal rights for decades, long before it was cool to do so. And, again, he has never brought up his religious beliefs as a campaign position or even a talking point. It's only come up when the media has pressed him into talking about it.

Trump's policies appeal to American citizens who believe in the sovereignty of our nation and the idea that our Constitution should be upheld regardless of feelings. Trump's policies appeal to American citizens who want to see our economy grow, both globally and domestically.

Trump's policies appeal to working-class Americans who want their jobs back from countries like China and Mexico. Trump's policies appeal to Americans who believe that, as a sovereign and free nation, we have every right to control who immigrates to our great country.

None of those are strictly for WASPs.

5). "it would be ridiculous to think he would not appoint a judge who opposes his constituency."

Many, many people in the United States seem to think that Supreme Court judges are a position clearly delineated by party lines. This never should be the case, and it's an absolute travesty that it's turned into such a politicized appointment.

The Supreme Court is the final word on what does and does not comply with the Constitution. That isn't something that should be based on political opinion. If you want to cater to your political views, Congress is for you - not a Supreme Court justice position.

As Trump is a populist and very much pro-America and pro-Constitution, the only assumption you can make is that he would appoint justices who are more interested in upholding the Constitution than changing its meaning to suit the whims of their affiliated political party.

Nothing Trump has said to date suggests otherwise.
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