Debunking The Progressive Lies - Donald Trump Was The First Birther



The Media & many Progressives have accused Donald Trump of starting the whole birther issue, implying Donald Trump is some kind of racist.

The fact this claim is demonstrably false doesn't keep them from repeating it. 

The truth is Donald Trump asked Barack Obama to release his birth certificate because Barack Obama himself said he was born in Kenya. It was in the biographical info that accompanied his book -- all the way back in 1991. Way before Trump. 

Obama’s book bio has been known about for years, but no one ever talks about it. It's a perfect example of how the media isn’t interested in reporting the truth -- if it's unflattering to Progressives.  

Don’t take my word for it? Here it is on Snopes.

Of course, Snopes makes a feeble attempt to explain it all away by saying it wasn't Barry's fault (nothing EVER is). They claim the PUBLISHER made up Barry's biographical info, including his country of origin, for him. All by herself. SHE provided the biography for HIM. Sure. 

Is Snopes also claiming Barack Obama NEVER SAW the incorrect bio? That he didn't approve it before it was printed? And that he never asked for it to be corrected? Snopes' explanation makes no sense. 

For 15 years Barack Obama bragged about being born in Kenya, it gave him multi-cultural street-cred. But as soon as he decided to run for president, the media AS A WHOLE -- undoubtedly concerned about being called RACISTS -- hid his duplicity from us. 

No matter how they try to spin Obama's monumental deception...Donald Trump had absolutely nothing to do with it.  

OBAMA 1991-2007: I was born in Kenya.
OBAMA 2007: I'm running for President.
TRUMP: I thought you said you were born in Kenya?
OBAMA: No, I was born in America.
TRUMP: For 15 years you've been telling us that you were born in Kenya. Prove that you were born here. Show us your birth certificate.  
OBAMA: You're a RACIST!!!!



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