Debunking The Progressive Lies - Donald Trump Mocked A Disabled Reporter

When I saw the initial news reports that Donald Trump had mocked a disabled reporter, like everyone else, I was offended. But, considering all of the Fake-News the Legacy Media has exposed us to in the past year, before I considered abandoning Mr. Trump I wanted to look into it myself.

And I'm sure glad I did, because the truth ended up being NOTHING like the reportage. Here’s proof Donald Trump didn’t mock the reporter's disability.

As you'll see in this video, Donald Trump has been doing that same exact gesticulating for years, it had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the reporter's disability. In fact, he once used the same gesticulation when discussing Ted Cruz. He even used it when talking about a military General he had a disagreement with.

Neither Ted Cuz...or the General...are disabled. 

The Progressive Agitators who make this stuff up just never quit. Fortunately, whenever they throw their Progressive slime at Donald Trump, it always seems to backfire on them.

But even though it's now known to be a lie, people on-the-Left still use the "Trump mocked the handicapped guy" meme to attempt to marginalize President Trump. Propaganda is a powerful weapon and the Left wields it much more skillfully than Conservatives do.   

Debunking the Progressive Lies is the responsibility of everyone on-the-Right. Do your part. Don't trust the media. Do your own research. Read the original source material. Share the truth with your Friends. 



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