Debunking The Progressive Lies: Donald Trump Is A Fascist

Just curious what evidence you have that Trump is a fascist? Nothing he has done points to it nor anything he says.

Though I am sure you think vetting Muslims from war torn regions with links to terror organizations is your best point. Or even the fact he wants to rid our country of the millions of illegal aliens weighing down our country and build the wall are your best argument. If anything those are nationalist ideas because they put Americans first. 

Interesting note about fascists and socialist, they build walls to keep people in not keep them out, free states build walls to keep their enemies out.

Also pointing to his desire to place tariffs on companies that move jobs overseas is not fascism either, once again that is protecting Americans and is a form of nationalism. You like so many others still confuse fascism with something it is not.

Trump is not seeking to put more controls on business in this country, on the contrary, his plans are to reduce regulation and taxes on business, does that sound like fascism?

He also isn't seeking to impose a social norm on people and is actually pretty laissez faire about many social issues.

I just find it hilarious people think because Trump is going to put American Citizens first, and the rest of the world second, he is somehow a fascist and that view essentially proves people have no idea what it really is.

In essence the best way to describe it is a National Socialist, found in the long form name of the Nazi Party. It is a form of government that puts the interests of their Nation first but uses hard line government controls and imposed social norms on its citizens to accomplish their goal of improving the lives of their citizens.

Last I checked Trump fits one part of that description, he wants to put our nation first, but wants relaxed government controls with a live and let live idea on social issues. Which actually makes him more of a National Libertarian more than anything. Ultimately what you don't understand is that you can't remove socialism from fascism but you can be a socialist and not a fascist.



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