DC Intrigue Rivals The Best Fiction

DC Intrigue Rivals The Best Novels

I'll throw my hat into the ring, as this plot rivals some of the best fiction I've ever read.

1. The Comey/Clinton "investigation" had its intended effect - it gave the appearance that Comey was an impartial participant at worst, and anti-Clinton as best. Pure, unadulterated smokescreen, and one of the best ones I've ever seen.

Of course, we know this wasn't remotely possible, as Comey's immediate family was financially benefitting from the Clinton Foundation. It was pure smokescreen because...

2. Billy Jeff knew he had this guy in his pocket all along. Of course, going to Comey directly would've been too risky. Hence, the Tarmac meeting - where, on a plane with no phone communications to monitor (sorry NSA), he tells Lowrenta to open up the Russian connection.

This just adds more smoke - making it look like he is trying to save his wife's ass from Comey's persecution. And it works perfectly, creating a diversion which would...

3. Allow Lowrenta to direct Comey to begin monitoring the conversations under the headlining false pretense - Russian collaboration. The leaks start making their way out (and had a long tail); but in an effort to throw off where the leaks were coming from...

4. Okeynan signs an EO that promotes the sharing of this information across agencies. Instead of being able to finger one agency, there are now dozens with access to the same unmasked information - a lot more difficult to track back.

There is more, but the point is that while the plebes were screaming "Hillary for Prison", it was nothing more than a backdoor to monitor the Trump team, orchestrated by Billy Jeff, Hitlery, Lowrenta/Comey, and Okenyan.

It was a calculated risk, and they thought giving the "all clear" after a week long investigation would be enough lead time. They underestimated the root problem - their candidate.

You have to watch the other hand all the time. It is the foundation for creating great illusions, The more distracting, the more effective.

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