DC Elites Repeatedly Ignore Voters Wishes On Amnesty

A few random thoughts. First, our nation had a very effective immigration system at the turn of the last century. Not only were immigrants required to swear allegiance to our nation, but they were required to have a sponsor, a job, proper medical exams and treatment if available, and also were properly vetted for security purposes.

They were also required to have a minimum of funds on deposit, to provide for any emergencies that might occur until they were properly settled. They were not given citizenship for a period of five years, until they learned our nation's language, laws and customs, which they were required to do before given their citizenship.

Secondly, until recently, our nations' borders were secure and illegal immigration was discouraged and our immigration laws enforced, by our legal enforcement agencies. Now, our current administration is ignoring all of our immigration laws and prohibiting our border agencies from enforcing our immigration laws.

A majority of our citizens, have rejected amnesty because all of the above mentioned requirements have been neglected by this government. Twice during the G.W. Bush presidency, citizens rejected the attempts for amnesty by the gang of eight Senators, who tried to call their attempts for amnesty by another name.

They also refused to acknowledge the true reasons why the citizens rejected their attempts to change our immigration laws and to undermine them in the process.

One would have thought that by now, those Senators would have learned a lesson about the desires of citizens who want to uphold the laws of our nation, but what are laws, when it comes to the likes of the Senators that are serving in our government today?

Are they any different from the likes and mentality of Hillary Clinton? One does not think there is a dimes worth of difference!
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