DC Corrupt-O-Crats Must Think We're Stupid

I gotta say, thats some industrial strength stupid right there.

1. The former CEO of the Clinton Foundation is missing presumed dead and the 4,999 alphabet intelligence & security agencies PAID BY US TO KNOW where the hell all the bodies are buried don't know and apparently don't care.

2. There is a one quarter of a million dollar cash reward up for grabs leading to the arrest of some common street thug who supposedly shot Seth Rich, multiple times, "while trying to rob him", taking...NOTHING...but his life and no one has claimed it.

3. The DNC and its affiliates (Robert Creamer & Scott Foval) have been caught red-handed "interfering in our democracy" by James O'Keefe, them admitting, on camera, to paying the mentally disturbed & homeless to incite riots at their opponents political rallies and the left has the balls to call Trump Hitler.

4. Obama had eight f*cking years to "change" the trajectory of the US economy and its foreign policy and we got increased under-employment, magisterial management of massive decline, forced participation in commercial transactions under ObamaCare, the middle east on fire, failed states and refugees while he "droned on about hope".

5. The DNC, ignorant &*%$ that they are (lol...thank gawd), pushed Forward! and funded by a 2 to 1 margin one of the-most corrupt, venal, untrustworthy, unlikable, incompetent, boring candidates in modern history (who was and still is, under active criminal investigation for her rampant cronyism) based simply on her gender and some made up narrative that it would be "historic".

Well it was historic...she will go down (historically) as the first woman nominated for president by a major political party to be defeated, convincingly so.

6. The Russians had jack all to do with any of that.
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