Darwin's Termites: Destroying America's Colleges From Within

Left-Wing Professors have been fomenting turmoil and outright anarchy at colleges across the nation. Parents are responding to their extremist behavior by voting with their wallets.

Darwin's TermitesFor example, the Progressive riot that occurred at the University Of Missouri in 2015 has had a profound impact on the college's ability to recruit students. Enrollment has declined by over 23%. 

To reduce costs, Mizzou closed dormitories. Ironically, dorms named "Respect", "Excellence" and "Responsibility" were among the shuttered. 

Commenter JuliaTheMechanic at PJMedia.com details why she thinks our institutions of higher learning are in such big trouble.

Read JuliaTheMechanic's interesting comments below. 

JuliaTheMechanic's comment at PJMedia.com

One huge reason for this is that the colleges are obsessed with prestige and recruit heavily from a very small number of highly elite colleges and universities. The top ten schools, which would include the 8 Ivy league schools plus Stanford and MIT, provide the vast majority of all new professors across the nation.

These are also the schools that are virulently leftist and, not so coincidentally, heavily funded by leftist groups and even foreign nations like CAIR, The Saudi government, Moveon.org and other George Soros organizations.

They are also heavily financed by individuals with particularly divisive Marxist interests such as Glenn Hutchins, for whom the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research is named. Mr. Hutchins just donated $10 million toward the study of "Race, Class and Cumulative Adversity" which, ironically, will delve into why black people are not more successful.

Well, maybe because;
a). People like you keep them focused on why they're not more successful (more successful than what?) instead of HOW TO BECOME more successful
b). Grievance mongering and dividing people by race is a useful way to destroy American students, education and society 

When you've got Communist/Islamist/Anarchist professors, pounding on your brain 24/7, it's awfully hard to develop a diversity of opinion or even to exercise your free will. 

These protests are heavily community organized. They're not thinking at all about where the college is situated - they're acting as a model for others to do the same. They think of themselves as a national movement.

The political inspiration comes from the professors, who are largely recruited from the uber-liberal Ivy league and are agitated with the assistance of outside groups such as Code Pink, Black Lives Matter, Move on, Communist Party USA, CAIR, Islamic Students Organization, etc. They organize, foment dissent and distrust and turn the students into an angry, intolerant mob.

This is exactly the type of thing that happened during the Kent State riots in 1970 (and many other campuses throughout the 1960's-70's), though thankfully this was far less violent.

My feeling is that the people who were 60's college aged radicals are now professors, who are every bit as radical. At Kent, a professor and groups like the Weathermen, the Students for a Democratic Society and the American Communist Party set off a huge, week long protest throughout Kent, Ohio, torching businesses, bashing in store windows and attacking fire departments and police departments.

It was touched off by the torching of an ROTC building. What followed was virtually identical to the Weathermen's Days of Rage in Chicago. If you read the FBI files on the Kent State incident you can see that what took place is very similar to what's happening today. Organizers go in, stir up violence and then stand back and watch it all burn. The people who get hurt are usually the students.

As the sibling of a Communist ex-California state college professor, I second that notion. They certainly don't believe in diversity of thought or opinion.

When I lived in California I wanted to attend one of the state colleges, but after meeting one left wing kook professor after another, through my professor brother, I changed my mind. In the California system there are many, many Communist, Socialist and Islamist professors, and many who outright advocate for the downfall of America.

They essentially community organize their students and foment protests. Also, as they lead the recruiting teams for new professors, they only hire people exactly like themselves. When a conservative (or even a non-political type) slips through they make their lives an utter misery and make sure they are fired or resign.

The last time I saw my brother his good friend, a professor at UC-Santa Cruz, was going on about how great Obama was because he was utilizing the tactics of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci, advocating the "long march through the institutions." This really is a Maoist tactic.

It advocates working against the goals and policies of the universities (and government) by working from within them. Destruction from within. They jokingly refer to themselves as Darwin's termites.

They're a bunch of sick puppies. 
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