Corrupt Media's Agenda Revealed

Here what’s going on.

1. Glenn has just learned a very powerful lesson in democratic politics. The nasty Democrats will eat their own and viciously attack anyone regardless of their Progressive agenda if they disagree with anything the party spews.

2. Glenn mentioned a smear campaign against him which I totally agree with however, the bigger picture reveals a smear campaign not only against our newly elected president but against the election process itself. This is nothing less than treason which I believe the Democrats and Obama are 100% in support of.

3. Obama, is behind mostly all of this. He is so unbelievably pissed about the election I wouldn’t put it past this evil prick to try to start a war with Russia which is exactly what he’s trying to do so he can remain in power through some ridiculous executive action and further smear and delegitimize the whole election process.

4. Lastly, the word fake news has been around for quite some time however most Americans are just now waking up to a fact that it has actually been a fact for many many years now. The mainstream media has been propagating division, hate and downright filth for a long time now.

The truth is Americans of all political colors are waking up to the fact that the media is just as corrupt as the political handlers that control the information. When you have outstanding journalist like Glenn, whistleblowers like Snowden and Julian Assange being ruthlessly attacked, discredited, and falsely accused of crimes they did not commit you know the system is broken in a way none of us ever imagined!
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