Convention Of The States: A Peaceful Path To Fight For Our Nation


We essentially have two types of people, wolves and sheep, most people are sheep, they hate the description but this writer typifies the breed.

They bleat and follow the herd not willing to strike out on their own, for fear of being labeled or worse called names, my how horrendous scared of mere speech.

They know what they see is wrong but they lack the moral fortitude to act because they have neither the stomach or willpower to summon resistance.

Then when it is safe to act or voice an opinion they do; not to be right or even real but to follow the herd wherever it is going, they do not want to be left behind.

I have taken a peaceful path for the fight for my nation, and as a last ditch effort to save it, I have thrown my weight, words deeds and actions into the Convention of States effort to amend the Constitution and end the tyranny.

We may fail but I would rather use my considerable strength, intellect and skills to build rather than destroy as the DNC is doing. They will end the same as the first bunch, history and nature has no other end for them.

Knowing that if we fail in this effort the left may well have their way and a bloody slog may develop, and my conscience will be clear and my goals righteous if I must fight for my nation and people...

I would rather do so with ink and pen than sword and weapons of war. I liked your use of Yiddish to describe the lefts use of brazen language, a fitting touch.

In Liberty

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